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Attacking - My tournament results suffered greatly because I was so focused on defense. Now that I have a solid defense, it's time to build my offense. If you are attacking, they are defending. If they are defending, they are losing.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hard surface rolling

After my evening jog tonight, I sat on my driveway and took my shoes/socks off. Put some stairway to heaven in my ears, and started stretching out, mainly focusing on my butterfly stretch. That seems to be my weak spot, haha. I decided to add in a little twist to my training, and took out my headphones and put my hoody back on.

I started just shadow grappling, just kind of working on footwork and single foot sprawls. dodging around lightly barefooted and just foot movement, head movement, and hand movements. I decided to throw in some rolls. They were quite rough on my back and shoulders at first, and a few times my feet would slap the cold pavement. This hurt. After about five minutes or so of this, I started getting just a little bit smoother, and the rolls still hurt, but not as much. I did forward, sideways, and backward variations. Went all over the place as best as I could. Overall experience = great.

Think I am going to be adding this to my nightly routine. I believe this is going to soften up my rolls on the mat and keep them very smooth and tight.

Great night,


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