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Attacking - My tournament results suffered greatly because I was so focused on defense. Now that I have a solid defense, it's time to build my offense. If you are attacking, they are defending. If they are defending, they are losing.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jiu Jitsu

Nothing is wrong with pushing the norm aside. Everybody wants to go to college, and learn, and try and fill in the same gaps in society that will always be there. They are a slave to a 9-5 job, and a slave to their annoying alarm clocks. They were forced to believe that to have a happy life they had to do amazing in school, and had to get a scholarship and then follow up with higher education. That is foolish.

I will not be a slave to that norm. I will not be forced to believe there is only one successful path. I will not fall victim to everyone telling me there is only way to reach the top. I will work, but it will be towards my dreams with a passion. I will put all of my time and energy into doing the one thing that I can say I really love. The only knowledge I need is the things I learn on the mats, and the things I experience in everyday life. I was blessed with a great gift, a strong mind, and I will use it with everything in me.

I once thought that college, or the marines was the right path for me, but with so much thought and dedication now put into what I truly love, I have found that they were so far from the right path. I was born for this, and god has lead me here for a reason. Money doesn't matter, my status doesn't matter, and the things that have happened in the past do not matter. At 16 years old I have found what I was made for, and it will be the only thing that I will ever be a slave to.

Some people might ask how I could do it? How could I just throw everything I had for me going away? A near full scholarship to colleges all around the united states, High ACT scores, and a year early graduation from High School. My answer - How could I not? How could I not search for my true purpose in life? How could I not live it to the greatest extent everyday? How could I not eventually die in satisfaction, saying that I did everything I ever wanted to and loved. How could I not?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A jiu jitsu match is physical. Life is physical. Jiu jitsu is beautiful, and it is emotional. Life is beautiful, and life is also very emotional. So through jiu jitsu, and through life, you've got to always remember one thing - to breathe.