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Attacking - My tournament results suffered greatly because I was so focused on defense. Now that I have a solid defense, it's time to build my offense. If you are attacking, they are defending. If they are defending, they are losing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NAGA approaching

With NAGA approaching most of my time is consumed by jiu jitsu. If im not doing jiu jitsu, Im making a meal that is going to benefit my body FOR jiu jitsu, which is basically...still jiu jitsu. We are about 10 days out and I'm not even 100% sure that I will have a ride down to Chicago to compete. I still have to use my time wisely though, because more than likely I will find some teammate to ride down there with.

I'd like to be more prepared for this tournament than I was for the Arnold's. I did a fair job there, and took silver in my division with about 12 competitors, but its not what I went there to do. I went to take gold and I choked up in my last match under my own nerves. Though I was happy because my teammate took the gold, (good job YunJae) something inside of me knew thats not why I rode down to Columbus.

A few things I have changed from my last tournament -
1. My diet has been completely re vamped.
2. I have added another training day to my routine, Sundays.
3. I've approached class a bit differently than I originally was, and I am learning from my teammates a whole lot every day.
4. Started writing down what we learn in class, this way the techniques don't just disappear from my mind.

Those things, among a few other things, I think will help me become just a tad bit more prepared. Though I know, that I could be more prepared than anyone there, if I don't go out there with heart and do what I've been taught I'm not taking anything home but another lesson.

I'm still learning how to flow with the go.

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