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Thursday, April 29, 2010

4-29-10 Earned my first two stripes

Some background - I have been training BJJ since January. About 4 months now is what it has been. My first class was tough, and I was like "wtf". My second class I was hooked on it, completely. They really are serious when they say the addiction to BJJ is serious. I cant get enough of it. I've been training consistently 4,5 and occasionally 6 times a week under Professor Crabtree at Grand Rapids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have learned an extensive amount about the art and lifestyle, and amazingly have a lifetime left to go. Thats the greatest thing about BJJ if you ask me, the complexity and time it takes to learn and master. I feel like I have so much knowledge compared to the average person, but when I think about my Professor, my training partners, and other black belts around the world, I know nothing. It's remarkable and Im eager to continue my journey.

I approached class tonight looking to work on a few things in particular, a few things I have been trying to study more and more because they have been of serious interest to me lately. 1 - taking the back 2 - escaping after having your back taken =]. Thankfully we worked on a escape and submission while someone has your back tonight. I'm still piecing together all the concepts of taking and escaping the back, and I'm looking forward to getting a nice series of my own put together, because it is my favorite position by far. We live rolled, and thats what I worked to do, take the back, get my back taken, and escape again, over and over. Great night, bottom line.

The end of class came, and I was ready to bow out. Professor pulled out a yellow belt from his Gi and promoted Robert, who more than deserved it. I said "hell yea" and clapped. =] Professor always surprises us. He then awarded a stripe to Holly Schippers, and again another "hell yea". She also deserved it, completely. She comes more than any other female there, and definitely puts in the time and effort in getting better all the time. Ready to bow out now, my name was called and I walked up there to receive what professor felt I had earned. I was awarded two stripes on my white belt and I could have not been any happier. All of the training, studying, learning, and traveling, and I earned the first two stripes on my belt. New heights were reached tonight, and its time to take things even higher.

Thanks to all of my training partners, my professor, my family and friends for support, and god, because without him none of this could have happened.

Still learning to flow with the go,


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